Origin of Coffee

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Colombian – Colombia produces washed coffees, (processed by a method that allows daily pickings of ripe coffee beans to be water processed, the hulls “fermenting” for 24 – 48 hours before the beans are washed clean.) Supremo is the grade of the largest, highest quality beans, mild, heady aroma, rich flavor, almost buttery body, a good balance between good acidity, mellow body, and excellent flavor.

Indonesian Kalossi Celebes – usually natural coffee (sun dried on the tree before picking, then hulled dry), low acid, uniquely heavy-bodied, concentrated exotic flavor, attractive muted tone and texture, unmatched aromatic spiciness, originally planted by the Dutch in late 1600s, grown at high elevations, small quantities imported.

Z-Blend – subtle and unique flavors can be achieved in a blend that can never be attained in a single variety. One taste of this specialty blend is worth a thousand words and is one of our signature coffee brands.