Zbest coffee company was founded by Zakir Tracy Twaddle.

Zakir began experimenting with several methods of roasting small quantities of coffee beans for his own use in the 1980s. Friends so appreciated the quality of his home-roasted coffee that they urged him to start his own company.

After settling in rural Boone County, near Columbia, Missouri, to raise a family, he started seriously researching the industry. While investigating patents for small coffee roasters intended for consumer use, he developed invaluable contacts in the coffee roasting business.beans

Several local restaurant owners agreed to purchase his coffee, providing the impetus to launch his own roasting business in 1996.

Z-Best Coffee Company L.L.C. is registered in the state of Missouri, licensed for both wholesale and retail sales. The Boone County Health Department regularly inspects his facility.

We ship coffee all over the country through a mail order business, and deliver locally to businesses. Our focus is customer service and quality production. We keep overhead low in order to provide the best coffee at the best price.

Zakir applies the time-honored tradition of barrel roasting, as he feels this roasting technique brings out the optimal aromatic qualities of premium arabica varieties.

fresh roasted

Zakir  owns and operates three coffee roasters, roasting in small quantities to ensure the highest quality product. He follows scientifically sound roasting principles, keeping roasting time between 12 to 15 minutes per batch, considered the optimum time to achieve the best flavor.

To provide our customers with the best coffee possible we roast every Tuesday. Placing your order by midnight Monday guarantees fresh roasted coffee shipping to you by Wednesday. We urge customers to order no more than they can use in a month, since, we all know fresh coffee is the best!

We select the highest quality beans from the three major growing regions – Indonesia, Africa, and Central/South America. Occasionally we can special order other varieties. Our goal and mission is to provide the highest quality coffees at the lowest possible prices, as we feel that all people deserve not only good coffee, but Z-Best.


Contact us at 573-999-5397 for more information.